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Types of Therapy Offered

Individual Intake Evaluation

Research has shown that 40% of therapy's effectiveness solely relies on the therapist-client relationship, also known as the therapeutic rapport and alliance. Therapeutic rapport begins from the minute the client is introduced to the therapist and can take a few sessions to grow and develop. Therapeutic rapport is crucial for clients' development and progress therefore, Bridget recognizes this and offers a free initial phone consultation session for clients to explore freely and decide if this therapeutic alliance works for them without the pressure of commitment.

Individual Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy includes assessment and diagnosis to determine an appropriate course of care and to be sure that treatment targets the underlying problem, not just the symptoms. Bridget will ask you about your current symptoms, how long these symptoms have been present, and the impact on your life. Based on your needs, individual sessions may occur as frequently as once a week, once every other week, or once every 2 weeks. Each session is tailored to your lifestyle, Bridget offers both 45 minute and 60 minute psychotherapy sessions. She may also recommend some psychological or medical tests to assist with treatment planning. Bridget has extensive clinical experiences in a variety of settings in New Jersey which adds to her resources/referral tool kit for her clients ease and convenience. 

Telehealth Services

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a major transformation in the way mental health interventions are delivered in America. Mental health clinicians and services had to rapidly transition to largely telehealth delivery to ensure continuity of care to patients and families. These changes have the potential to extend the reach and accessibility of mental healthcare to all Americans. On the other hand, clinicians with a strong preference for in-person treatments and those without experience in technology-delivered interventions, may find the transition challenging. Bridget has been providing telehealth services for families, children, adults, and adolescents throughout the pandemic. She has been receiving continuous supervision regarding her Telehealth services. Additionally, the option for in-office visits will resume after the pandemic along with the continuation of telehealth services.

Couples Therapy

Companies began to realize that because every organization is made up of individual people, taking care of said people is an important ingredient for success. Bridget has provided psychological consultation for local Universities to address areas of concerns such as underaged drinking, mental health concerns, and diversity-related issues. Consultation services begin with an initial interview to discuss the company or person's goals and then collaboratively developing a plan to effectively address the concern for the targeted population. Bridget's experience working as a school counselor has prepared her to provide effective consultation services for companies and local community organizations. Consultation services are tailored to meet the clients' needs.

Brief Psychotherapy

Some clients enter therapy with a clear vision of their current stressor and some clients need further assistance to reduce their symptoms. Brief therapy tends to be most helpful for clients who have a clear understanding of their problems and a strong motivation to address these. The application of brief therapy frequently involves assessing the problem(s) and developing short-term goals. For example, both the client and therapist work together to formulate goals to effectively manage problems due to depression, anxiety, grief and so on. The benefits of brief therapy are that it is framed within the “here and now" approach. Hence the client and therapist will address current situations at work, life, school and relationships. Clients will take home assignments and practice techniques on a daily basis.


Adolescent Therapy
Personal Growth & Wellness

Therapy is the only time and place where the sole focus is on you and your needs. This is a safe space for you to explore what you want out of life and how things are going. Personal growth counseling will help you to clarify and attain your personal and professional goals. By increasing your awareness on both your strengths and areas of growth, therapy can offer you a new perspective on life and your goals. Therapy is confidential and is a safe space for you to be able to explore and navigate interpersonal and professional challenges in life.

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