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The Purpose of Psychotherapy is You

The 'You' Oriented Treatment

We offer Telehealth (video) appointments to all clients in New Jersey

Dr. Bridget Anton

Dr. Bridget Anton is the founder and principal psychologist of Oasis Psychotherapy & Wellness Group LLC. Dr. Bridget Anton is a practitioner of evidence-based techniques and incorporates a cognitive behavioral approach in treatment. She has received specialized CBT training for the treatment of anxiety disorders (OCD, OCPD, GAD, PTSD, Panic Disorder).

She has spent the last several years working in school districts, a college counseling center, and hospital inpatient/outpatient settings, getting a broad range of experience treating various diagnoses. Also, Bridget has published multiple peer-reviewed academic journal articles and has presented her work at both regional and national conferences in the field of Psychology.



Bridget received her PhD at Seton Hall University in Counseling Psychology and received training as a psychologist-in-training. Bridget received her Master’s in Counselor Education at The College of New Jersey. Bridget brings an expertise working with individuals, families, process groups, severe psychopathology, and individuals with various mental health disorders. She is a member of the American Psychological Association and New Jersey Psychological Association, holds a certification in School Counseling, and maintains a professional license in New Jersey.

"Becoming a therapist was not a conscious decision I made, rather it is who I am and always have been at heart. Through personalized and research-based interventions, I strive to guide my clients to channel their unique creativity and their passion for life."



Individual Intake Evaluation

In some ways, finding the right therapist is like dating. You want a change, even if it means asking a stranger for help. But which stranger? It must be someone you like well enough. Someone you can trust with your secrets, and whom you think can help you. The first session should be focused on your needs and comfortability to safely decide if this therapeutic alliance is right for you. 


Bridget has been recognized as a mental health expert and has been asked on multiple occasions to speak at The College of New Jersey regarding substance abuse harm reduction strategies and stress management skills for incoming college students. She offers consultation sessions to companies and local organizations seeking to enhance employee's psychological wellbeing and/or competency in race-related issues.

Individual Psychotherapy

Do I have to be "sick" to see you?Thinking that one has to be “seriously disturbed” in order to see a therapist is a myth. While I do have extensive training in the treatment of anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), I also treat everyday challenges like navigating a career change, improving parenting skills, increasing stress management skills, or navigating a relationship issues such as a divorce or entering a marriage.

Brief Psychotherapy

Brief psychotherapy is a time-limited therapy approach and usually includes 6-12 sessions. Bridget and the client can determine the length of sessions together. The goal is to feel better in a relatively short amount of time, and through evidence-based approaches such as CBT in therapy you can. 

Telehealth Services

Currently, we offer the option of telehealth services for residents in New Jersey. Over three decades of research has provided substantial evidence for the effectiveness of telehealth services (Varker et al., 2019). The most widely studied is cognitive behaviour therapy with strong evidence that it is as effective as clinician-delivered CBT and for a wide range of mental and physical health conditions (Carlbring et al., 2018). 

Personal Growth & Wellness

Life is stressful, there's no doubt about it. Personal growth is about making life choices and overcoming stressors. Bridget incorporates mindfulness approaches and distress intolerance techniques to enhance client's overall wellbeing.


For graduate students entering the field of counseling, therapy can be extremely beneficial to monitor your stress/ anxiety symptoms and normalize your experience.  

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